Patio Vera Marikina Review

Tom and I intend to have a quick dinner last night. We thought of Cafe Lidia, but then CL is already way too familiar. Tom suggest why not Patio Vera? we haven’t gone there anyway. I said yes in a snap.  I’m actually eying on it since December last year, I am thrilled for food sake! :)

Patio Vera is located at Barangay Calumpang, Marikina City
The time is 7:30PM when we arrived. I requested an indoor table because lights in the garden is going to be too dim for photos. The waiters gracefully accommodate my request.

Indoor (never mind the girl
As we settle down in our vintage table, they serve free appetizer. It’s bunch of crackers with black sour dip. If you still want after a set, you can ask for more, still free of charge. I ask the the server if its home made, he said no. They just bought it somewhere or someone is delivering it to them , something like that. Tom finds it okay, he likes the dip most, which is a combination of soy cause and lemon juice.Good appetizer overall.

Free Appetizer
While I’m waiting for our food, Tom roam around and took photos of anything he can capture. Here’s what he got. Sorry if photos are yellowish…

Inside Table

The Facade
Outside Tent (I think there’s a group dinner going on, they have their own buffet)

Very Arabian (Cool!)
While Tom is still goofing around, he was luckily invited by the owner of Patio V to get inside their restricted garden to take pictures. He was amazed when he came back. :) The house has a great interior I must say. The owner mentioned that her daughter is an interior design student in Makati.
I want this in my own home someday!
Movie like setting it is

I wonder how they turn this thing into something like this
Another movie like setting (pwede pang shooting hehe)

We ordered Chicken Binakol, beef steak (well done), 1 bowl of fried rice and 1 fried halo halo for dessert. Everything is superb. We are so full, I feel like my tummy is gonna blow. No kidding!

Chicken Binakol (PhP 325.00)
I have no idea then that Chicken Binakol is Tinola. Hehe This bowl is good for 2 – 3 persons. Very sulit for me. The soup is just right, it’s not salty, just perfect for a cup of garlic fried rice.
Bowl Garclic Fried Rice
Steak Ala Pobre (PhP 495.00)
The steak is perfectly well done. This is one of the best I (and Tom) tasted. The beef is tender and juicy. You can actually happily eat it even without steak sauce. Good chef!

Fried Halo-Halo (PhP 165.00)
I’m curious when I saw Fried Halo Halo in their menu, who wouldn’t right?  The name is really catchy for Filipinos, who’s concept of halo-halo is a dessert made of different sweets and fruits top with crushed ice and ice cream. This is totally different from that because this has no ice in the first place. It is more similar to another Filipino dessert called “Turon”, the difference is instead of just stuffing it with bananas, they put all the halo-halo ingredients inside. As for the taste, I love it. The vanilla ice cream is very indulging, I will surely get this again next time I’ll visit Patio V.
This is where you put your payment! So cute!
All along I thought that Cafe Lidia is the best resto in Marikina, not anymore. Patio Vera is now the number 1 in my list! :)
Name                      Patio Vera
Location                 70 Gen. F. Santos St Calumpang, 1800 Marikina
Phone                      239-06-15
Operating Hours  Tuesday to Thursday (5 – 11PM), Friday and Saturday (5PM – 1AM), Sunday (11AM – 11PM)  



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