Nomama Artisanal Ramen Review

Warning: I’m not a fan of anything Japanese food
     But I’m a fan of group-on vouchers:) So for our 23rd monthsary, I bought 2 vouchers of Nomama Artisal Ramen. I don’t know what kind of food we will be eating here, but according to pictures showing in Deal Groce, it looks very promising. 
Nomama is located at the corner of Scout Castor in Quezon City
The place overall has a  Japanese minimalist ambiance, it has a lot of space and small tables. What looks interesting is the kitchen is very open from the eyes of customers, you can actually see the cooks preparing your food. It reminds me of the place where Eugene (of Ghost fighter) or Ipo ( of Knock out) eats their ramen. Haha
great kitchen
small table

The Food

Lets start with drinks. I got my self a glass of cold water while Tom bought himself a bottle of blood orange. It’s a must try according to Tom.:) and for the water? the usual. Hehe!

Blood Orange (PhP 115 plus 10% Service Charge)
Pork Gyoza ( PhP 125 plus 10% Service Charge)
The “This is the best Gyoza I ever had” of Tom. Seriously, until we went out the restaurant, he keeps on saying it over again. And  yes I also agree, I also think that it is the best gyoza I ever had. Don’t forget to try this when you visit Nomama :) 

Nomama Ramen (PhP 295 plus 10% service Charge)
This is not on their regular menu — I forgot the name (Php 325 plus 10% Service Charge)
RAMEN ~~ The reason of our Nomama adventure. The noodles are good  but not good enough for us to sip with “oooooozzzzz”. We have these feeling like “parang matabang?” and “parang may kulang?”. Yung parang nakakayamot kasi para hindi ka nasatisfy pero dapat masasatisfy ka kasi it looks really yummy. :-s I’m not saying that it’s not good at all, I think the only problem is the soup, but the ingredients, I mean example the pork you see in the pictures is super, it is very tender and juicy.

Kit Kat Bar (PhP 175.00 plus 10% Service Charge)
I love! After our first bite, me and Tom found ourselves wrestling for this tiny flour less peanut butter chocolate bar. I love the their mixture of chocolate and peanut, perfect for dessert after a bowl of ramen.
 Customer Service
A thumb’s up! Waiters know how to take orders, fast  and it’s easy to get their attention. They are also willing to run to open the door just for you.😉 This new resto is happily recommended by me!:)

Nomama by Chef Him Uy de Baron
G/F FSS Bldg 2, Scout Tuason cor Scout Castor St.,
Quezon City, Philippines
Mobile: +63 917 522-8272/
Phone: +632 5422558
Facebook: Nomama Artisanal Ramen
Menu: Nomama Artisanal Ramen

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